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Im in urgent need of a true white hat to help me recover my life

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#1 Im in urgent need of a true white hat to help me recover my life

Postby jdamora » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:14 pm

First I want to say hello, I admire all of your work in this world, and hope to contribute as my coding gets better. (currently learning python slowly and arduino faster, mainly electrical engineering for hardware hacks) now to the meat.

Months ago I made a dumb mistake. I updated my main gmail password while intoxicated. I forgot it, and it was only saved on my phone. Not listed on my phone but logged in as the main android account. I tried to make it a new password, but since I didn't know it I couldn't change it. So I just used it on my phone and would forward important things.

As was bound to happen, the phone is broken. I now have no access to my main email i have spread in search of jobs.This was my email i have posted on resumes, as I am currently seeking work as an environmental engineer. It is an extreme burden to lose access to this email, and every attempt to recover through google has failed. The sms code I input is apparently not correct or the email recovery code does not show until it expires. I have moved 4 times in the past few months so those recovery codes I wrote in the back of my childhood school notebook could be anywhere.

I answer the questions to the best of my knowledge but it always ends with "Google cannot verify you own this account". If they let me speak to someone I could absolutely verify it. I need to change the password of the email back to something I know. I am willing to be very generous if someone could get me in with a password I know. I can prove it is mine since it is my name, no extra characters, and made back when gmail was an invite only affair. I could tell you who I chatted with on gchat the most and what about. and much more.

The one opening I still see is that the phone, which is still logged into the gmail acct. is not dead, only the screen is. It has no network connectivity and I couldn't tell you if it is on wireless or not but there must be some form of the password on it. maybe Chrooting into it and getting it is all that is required, if you know what to look for and where.

I do not. I am so desperate I don't care if you take all my dirty secrets from the acct and put them on my facebook, id rather you didn't so I am offering money.

If Someone who has some reputation to back it up or can explain how they will do it (I cant do it but i'm not an idiot all the time. I don't want to hear fake ways that make no sense) , I will give them the email. last remembered password, and send them any 2 factor authentication stuff I need to. The problem is that stuff isn't working. It might have something to do with the fact that I made this main acct the supervisor of the recovery acct, I really don't know. I just really need help. This has been my email for over 12 years now at least, I lose so much by losing it. I cant even log into linkedin because its "time to update the password" but i cant access the email and they don't like the pictures i take of my id for some reason. please can anyone help?

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