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Guild Wars 2 Thread

Are you a fan of computer games? This is your forum.
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#1 Guild Wars 2 Thread

Postby Aura » Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:17 pm

Anyone playing this fantastic game? I've been a Guild Wars player since Nightfall, before buying Factions, Eye of the North and finally Prophecies. It's my favorite serie ever and ArenaNet is just one hell of a game studio. They release new content every week/2 weeks and keep the game alive as much as they can. Just finished crafting Twilight for my Zerk, which I've been working on since day 1. A buy order went through for it at 1035g. I made all my gold by running daily fractals for a few months, mapping and various other things. At one moment I was down 300g because I bought a Commander tag, but I still made back that 300g for it.

Now since crafting Twilight was my "main goal" all this time, I'll have to find a new one. It'll most likely be to beat the first Raid boss to unlock the masteries, since I'm stuck at 161. From there, I'll probably keep on doing Dragon Stand until I reach 166.

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